A singer in a band and a performer at heart, Alex seeks to entertain everyone he meets. He tries hard to be liked, but his self-centeredness and assumed bravado often get in the way. Unfortunately, Alex is rarely critical of his own missteps, preferring to view most misfortune as romantic adventures on route to greater things.

Elliot is a slightly solitary painter with a one-track mind about his work— often coming at the expense of more important things in life. He can be somewhat absentminded and naive, but generally hides it well behind a composed exterior. He keeps a lot inside, especially when it comes to admitting he's out of his depth.

A woodworking sculptor and amateur florist, Lillian is most passionate about fostering what she finds most beautiful. Despite her hard work and dedication, she often doubts herself in the face of adversity, looking to others for affirmation. She's Elliot's neighbor and closest friend.

Alex's long suffering best friend and fellow employee at the Gold & Herb pub. Richie plays drums in The Three Shades, and has an unequaled passion for rock n' roll and all the raucous, rebellious culture that surrounds it. Despite his somewhat intimidating exterior, he is ultimately just protective of the ones he cares for.

With a part-time job as a session guitarist and a locally successful pop group under his belt, Jack is undoubtedly the most professionally skilled of The Three Shades. Unfortunately, he falls a bit short with his people-skills— often opting for the completely avoidant route. Despite his somewhat pretentious taste in fashion and film, Jack isn't as unapproachable as he seems.

Easy going and extremely friendly, Rosie has a talent for helping others feel at ease. She is a childhood friend of both Alex and Richie, as well as the unofficial fourth member of The Three Shades, filling in the odds and ends of band responsibilities where the boys fall short. Above all, Rosie enjoys spending her time documenting the misadventures of the band through photography.

Alex's most recent ex-girlfriend and once aspiring it-girl. After spending years collecting boys at trendy parties in hopes of finding some recognition, she's decided to make some changes and seek the simpler life she feels she deserves— even if it means starting over from scratch.

An infamous purveyor of illegal acts and substances, Dan is a shameless instigator and skilled ringleader. He makes a point of befriending the young and outcast in hopes of providing guidance, or at least some financial opportunity. He and Alex have some history, but the details depend on who you ask.

A cautious and savvy cafe waitress, Janey has very little patience for foolishness, treating most everything with utmost care and efficiency. With skill at most anything she tries, Janey knows how to get what she wants, and prefers to keep distant from those who could get in the way.

Janey's girlfriend and fellow member of Danny's band of misfits. She doesn't say much, but her pleasantly strong G&Ts more than make up for her spotty hospitality.

Better known by his slightly laborious surname, Kaczynski is a student of Commercial Art at the same university as Elliot and Lillian. Between his job as a teacher's aide and his rapidly on-coming graduation, Kaczynski leaves little room for socializing, so he can come off a bit awkwardly.